Earliest memory of inventing to solve a problem

Since I was a kid, I was always fascinated with how things were made. I’d play lego for hours and hours, pull apart toys for a peek, even fixed punctures on my bike. I knew my calling was to be a catalyst of innovation, and most life choices were toward this. Inspiration came from the world around – humanity’s creations.

My earliest memory, making an idea real, was a year 5 project, made from household items.

To stop an egg from breaking, dropped from 2 meters.

A challenge was at hand, and I liked the thought of it. I had not much to work with, but I managed to construct something from a cardboard water box, rubber bands, stapler, some cloth and a plastic container. That night, I felt really excited to trial the new idea, but mum wouldn’t spare me test eggs, so I was going into the unknown. I woke pumped to go to school, feeling confident and a little nervous. Everyone did something that caught the egg, but my design dropped with it. I went last…. The egg broke. I was disappointed, but the teacher gave high praise for thinking outside the square.

This project was inspiring as I was given a problem to solve. I felt satisfied knowing that I will gain knowledge over time for future challenges. Although unsuccessful, I still felt accomplishment by taking what I knew and had, and putting something together for a result.

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